About The Brand

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


Brand name


R4 is a sustainable clothing brand.

We provide garments which encourage consumers to opt for conscious choices and be in control of what they wear, by rebuilding lost connections with nature while looking fashionable.

Inspired by the 3R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) and adding the word ‘repeat’, we aim to reflect the principles of the circular economy. As such, R4 will be a never-ending story.

REDUCE environmental damage by sourcing sustainable materials & reduce waste

REUSE recycled materials in the production of garments

RECYCLE your garments through a Return-Scheme for re-manufacture of new garments

REPEAT the process



We aspire to bridge the gap in the fashion industry in relation to the environment, by considering sustainability in every step of the garment’s lifecycle and promoting circular economy concepts.

Our long-term aim is to become a platform that provides garments produced from various sustainable fabrics. 


We are part of a current movement that seeks to stimulate positive changes in society and reconnect humankind with nature.


Adopting a sustainable mindset is not just critical for the future of our natural environment, it is equally important for dynamic, creative, and robust economic development.

You are what you wear. 

Sustainable fashion is not a trend. There is no splendor in the finest garment if it carries injustice and environmental damage. In an era where human contacts are so brief, fashion is an instant language.

(inspired by Mahatma Ghandi & Miuccia Prada)