Packaging Factory


Developed in parallel with technological advancements to progressively eradicate waste, our combined water-soluble and compostable packaging also encourages you to be local and grow food at home.

As e-commerce sales reached $2.3 trillion in 2017, packaging has become omnipresent in today's society. However, the majority of current packaging systems are designed for immediate disposal, without treatment or recycling. In 2016, total packaging waste accounted for 87 million tonnes in the EU alone, which amounts to 170kg of waste per person.


In light of the disruptive environmental impacts associated with packaging waste, we have partnered up with Invisible Company, a company that provides water-soluble, compostable, and biodegradable packaging bags. In addition, to further ensure a zero-waste approach, we ship our products in a compostable mailer bag, provided by Wastebased, and the mailer bags are safely wrapped around recycled paper tape. Last but not least, we have also ensured that all other marketing materials provided in the bags are crafted sustainably: the clothing tag, "thank you" note, and R4 sticker are all made from recycled paper, and the clothing tag cord is made from recycled plastic.


Our garments are delivered to you in the #INVISIBLEBAG, from Invisible Company. 

#INVISIBLEBAG is water-soluble, compostable, and biodegradable, certified that it is non-toxic, leaves no harmful residues on earth, and does not form microplastic in an aqueous medium. It is made of a biodegradable combination of Polyvinyl Alcohol (known as PVA) together with starch, glycerin, and water.


How to make it INVISIBLE?

Simply dissolve it in hot water by pouring 70°C or above water in a container, it will be dissolved completely in a few minutes. After the dissolution, you can put it down the drain. It also dissolves in cold or room temperature water but at a slower rate.


If #INVISIBLEBAG ends up in landfill, will it truly biodegrade?

#INVISIBLEBAG has been tested under ASTM D5511 requirements to determine the anaerobic biodegradation of #INVISIBLEBAG under high-solids anaerobic-digestion conditions and results showed 78% degradation in 45 days.


#INVISIBLEBAG is an alternative solution for manufacturers and brands to replace conventional plastic packaging.

Note: due to the large size of the garments, an adhesive strip has been added at the top of the packaging to allow for full protection. The strip does not dissolve, so please cut it off before dissolving the bag, and dispose of it in the bin.


Wastebased Mailer Bag

The garments are shipped in a mailer bag from Wastebased that is carbon negative, compostable, and partly made from corn starch

When you receive the Wastebased mailer bag, you have different sustainable options:

  1. The mailer bag provides an extra adhesive strip, allowing you to re-use it for a new shipment. The inclusion of the extra adhesive strip follows our Return-Scheme pledge: once your R4 garment is worn out and/or you wish to return it, you can send it back in the mailer bag. Please bear in mind that the mailer bag has a shipping lifespan of 9 months. 

  2. Cut it up to either use it to grow seedlings or turn it into a weed matting in your garden.

  3. Use it as a bag to carry or store green waste.

  4. Remove any labels and compost it at home. In a normal compost bin, it will break down in 6 months. 

  5. If you don’t have a compost bin at home, you can either bring it to a composting facility, or bins with food waste. It is compostable, not recyclable, so please don’t recycle it.